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With more than 18 years of experience delivering professional services, our teams offer the highest level of service quality and commitment. Time America's client service programs -- implementation, technical support, and training -- are all designed to help cultivate lasting customer relationships and strengthen your workforce management initiative. Whatever your service needs, you can rely on us to help you maximize the value of your NETtime Solutions investment NETtime Solutions offers these comprehensive client services:

Talk about Implementation

Even good technological design can result in substandard system performance if not implemented properly. In addition, integrating technologies from multiple vendors can create confusion regarding responsibility and accountability. For this reason, NETtime Solutions encourages you to take advantage of our proven implementation services. Allow our technical experts to assist you through all phases of your implementation-- from initial planning to final rollout. We offer scalable levels of assistance and will customize our services according to the complexity of your needs.

Choose to implement your NETtime Solutions solution in either of these ways:

Remote Implementation: Suggested for smaller organizations with minimal requirements, we'll orchestrate your implementation via conference calls and Internet communications.

Client Site Implementation: Suggested for larger organizations with additional hardware requirements or smallerorganizations without full-time IT staff, we'll support your implementation on-site at your company. We offer a minimum engagement of two days, but typically extend this duration for more complex projects.

Talk about Training

Maximize the value of your NETtime Solutions solution by educating users on proper and efficient system usage. Our instructor-led courses will show end-users how to leverage their new workforce management tool in their day-to-day jobs. Professional training also helps make the transition to the new system as smooth and simple as possible.

We've designed our training sessions to succinctly and memorably present key features and functions, as they pertain to specific job functions. To guarantee successful usage within your environment, we tailor the course content (concepts, examples, etc.) to match situations and operations at your company. Class sizes are limited to facilitate the best learning experience possible and to ensure personal attention for all students. As an added benefit, we provide comprehensive training materials that allow students to focus on learning (rather than taking notes) and that serve as easy-to-use reference guides once the course has been completed.

Choose from two course types, geared to specific roles and needs within your organization:

Management Training: This course presents core competencies for managing employee time and attendance on a day-to-day basis.

Administration Training: This course covers all of the topics in Management Training, plus techniques needed to configure and maintain a NETtime Solutions solution.

Talk about Technical Support

NETtime Solutions backs its line of workforce management solutions with a team of trained and certified engineers, analysts, and technicians. We insist that our Support staff stay involved in product development, so that their knowledge remains current, comprehensive, and deeply insightful.

You're advised to receive Technical Support via a NETtime Solutions maintenance agreement. This ensures your peace of mind by protecting your workforce management system, even in the event of downtime. Without a maintenance agreement, you will be billed (at a standard rate) for telephone help-desk support, hardware repair, software feature releases, and shipping costs.

NETtime Solutions offers two Support & Maintenance agreements:

Software Maintenance Agreement: You receive unlimited telephone help-desk support, access and notification of all service releases, and price discounts on some upgrades.

Hardware Maintenance Agreement: You receive full coverage on all hardware components, including parts, labor, and repair or replacement.

Our customer support specialists are available to answer product-related questions, help reconfigure business rules, provide online training by request, and identify additional training needs. In some circumstances, we even provide on-site support, if you require hands-on assistance.
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