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Make Workforce Management Easier

Why stress yourself out trying to untangle the complexities of workforce management? Now, you can take advantage of technological advances that remove the burden from your shoulders by automating how you track and analyze employee-related data.

NETtime Solutions offers flexible software and data collection solutions that allow you to conveniently consolidate all workforce data into one easy-to-use system. The time has come to do away with paper timesheets and timecards, the headaches of manual tracking, and complex software systems that don't support your day-to-day needs. Our products give you simple and streamlined tools for electronically capturing time and attendance, and electronically pushing that data into other systems, such as payroll or accounting. Why not make your job and the jobs of people around you easier?

We'll work with you to build the best solution for your environment and for your users. You may consider combining a software product with a data collection device or utilize any product on its own. We're here to guide you through the needs-analysis process. And, you'll discover, after only a few days of using a NETtime Solutions solution, why so many organizations trust our products.

Different Products: NETtime

Available hosted or licensed, but always 100% Web-based, NETtime automates workforce management for enterprises of any size. NETtime enables you to easily and cost-effectively automate and manage time and attendance, as well as gross wage calculations, job costing and tracking, data collection, labor scheduling, benefit accruals, payroll policy enforcement, payroll interfaces, and much more. Using the latest in Microsoft technology and database programming, the software runs on virtually any platform (Windows, Macintosh, Linux, AS400). To use NETtime, all you need is a connection to the Internet and a browser.

NETtime gives you newfound control over all labor-related information and instantly enables streamlined business operations. Fast and technologically sophisticated, the system automatically calculates employee time and wages using your specific payroll policies, which eliminates the need for complex, manual, and disjointed processes. Additionally, the system generates valuable management reports to give you intelligence and insight into such areas as overpayment of employees and proper distribution of labor costs. NETtime frees you from performing time-consuming tasks (e.g. payroll preparation, time card calculation, re-keying data into different systems, etc.), so that you and your colleagues can focus your time and energy on developing an even more successful business.

NETtime benfits you by ensuring:

No Startup Expenses: Because NETtime doesn't require hardware or software, all you need is Internet access, which you presumably have already.

Pay As You Go: NETtime requires no capital outlay. You're charged for service on a monthly basis and can discontinue use at anytime.

No Upgrade Fees: We never charge you upgrade fees for increasing the number of employees tracked via the NETtime system.

Free System Administration: We host NETtime in a secure environment, which means you don't pay for costly MIS or IT maintenance. NETtime Solutions provides mirror backup servers, redundant Internet connections, UPS power system with backup diesel generators, and 24-hour monitoring.

Secure Data: The SSL security protocol provides data encryption, server authentication, message integrity, and optional client authentication for a TCP/IP connection. We back-up your data every night and move it to a remote location for added security.

Rapid Deployment: To begin using NETtime, regardless of how many locations may need the service, all you do is provide an Internet address and your installation is complete.

Immediate Return on Investment: Without startup expenses, upgrade fees, system administration, or data backup expenditures, you start earning ROI from day one.

Badge Terminals

NETtime Solutions's time clocks provide sophisticated data collection using such technologies as built-in Ethernet, proximity card, wireless capability, and high memory capacity.

Suitable for companies of any size, NETtime Solutions's data collection terminals record time and attendance data when an employee swipes a badge or enters a personal identification number (PIN) through the keypad or touch screen. The device captures time and attendance information on-the-spot and saves supervisors from manually checking or compiling employee data. NETtime Solutions's data collection terminals also make it easy for both employees and supervisors to view or verify historical data. Simply equip your device with a printer and it can instantly generate a variety of entry logs.

Simultaneously save money and run a more secure business by installing a data collection terminal. For example, you can prevent instances of costly, unplanned overtime by programming your terminal(s) to accept only authorized or scheduled employee punches. Similarly, you can use each terminal as a security barrier, programming it to prevent unauthorized access to secured work areas.

NETtime Solutions's data collection terminals are long-lasting, reliable, affordable, and work seamlessly with other NETtime Solutions software and devices. Add as many terminals as you need to support your organization. Because the terminals operate off-line, you never need to worry about bogging down your host system. At regularly programmed intervals, the host unit automatically polls the terminals and transfers the stored data for processing. You maintain maximum efficiency, while enabling powerful workforce management


HandPunch Terminal: This biometric data collection device is as easy to implement and use as a traditional badge-swipe device, but it provides even greater security and cost-savings. By instituting HandPunch units, your organization instantly eliminates "buddy punching" . the costly practice of employees clocking in and out for one another to falsify or extend actual work hours. HandPunch units also eliminate unauthorized overtime by enforcing predetermined schedules for employees.
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