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Ground Penetrating Radar ( GPR ) and Underground Locating GPR Survey Specialists

Worksmart, Inc. is a ground penetrating radar ( GPR System ) and surface penetrating radar (SPR) underground locating company specializing in geotechnical phase 2 environmental studies, GPR survey, and underground locating. Our state of the art Ground Penetrating Radar equipment and trained GPR service specialists are experienced in locating underground storage tanks, utility marking and locating service, locating voids, plastic pipe, and locating underground objects, no matter the material composition by using the most advanced in ground penetrating radar technology. Ground Penetrating Radar Capabilities > Ground Penetrating Radar Diagram

Modern Scanning Capabilities

Underwater Radar Location - Worksmart, inc has developed and is now ready to deploy a unique watercraft equipped with multiple technologies. Surface Penetrating Radar is installed to scan shallow bodies of fresh water for anomalies buried deep in the sediment. Learn More

Large area rapid underground radar - To assist in rapid large area scanning, in 2007 Worksmart, Inc produced its new Kubota RTV-1100. This four wheel drive, diesel powered vehicle is heavily modified and fitted with our unique, proprietary ground penetrating radar system. It began field work in April 2008. Learn More

All Terrain GPR - Scan Anywhere - Many of our sites can be snow bound and inaccessible by even four wheel drive vehicles. The Camoplast track system insures we can not only get to our project area but that we can complete the scanning anytime. Learn More

Snow radar scanning - When the desired targets are known to be in the snow, such as avalanche victim recovery missions, our snow machine has proven a reliable tool. This custom modified Yamaha snow machine has been fitted with state of the art ground penetrating radar equipment optimized for scanning under deep snow cover. Learn More


Underground Locating using Ground Penetrating Radar

Worksmart's cutting edge ground penetrating radar underground locating capacilites provide the tangable visual data you need to make critical engineering judgements where precise measurements matter. Unlike many other subsurface locating services, Worksmart's experienced ground radar engineers work from the most precise full-color GPR data and methodical collection practices providing you with the information you need to resolve any underground locating issues.
Underground Locating GPR Sample Data >
Sample Ground Penetrating Radar Data

Worksmart's Ground Penetrating Radar can make the difference

Using a combination of Surface Penetrating Radar ( SPR ) and Ground Penetrating Radar ( GPR ), we have successfully plotted the location of post tension tendons, reinforcing, and underground utilities contained in concrete slabs via concrete imaging. Our newly developed Remote Operated Vehicle ( ROV ) gives us the ability to subsurface GPR scan in areas not accessible by humans allowing us to locate underground objects other GRP companies can not get to.
Ground Penetrating Radar Applications >

Post Tension Tendons
Underground Storage Tanks
Bore Hole Safety Check
Concrete Cutting Safety Check
Thickness of Cover
Cemetery Plots
Under Slab On Grade
Water Leaks & Saturated Soils
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